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The purpose of this manual is to provide a full evaluate of SmartKey‘s software environments and of the product’s
operational ability in standard. This manual deals with the subsequent topics: the significance of defensive software.
SmartKey’s use strategies for manual safety. The use techniques for automated protection: this guide offers exhaustively with the strategies and instr
uments for automatic safety of software and facts. The exclusive software conditions and the protection implementation strategies within the sphere of neighborhood networks.


EUTRON SmartKey and SmartPico USB & LPT Models


Programming the number of licenses and executions. The maximum number of packages that may be protected with the aid of the equal dongle is 116. The most variety of executions for every program is in the range from 1 to 65,535. Value -1 disables this control and, therefore, there’s no restrict to the number of executions.

The quantity of licenses and executions for each software may be set by way of writing the fee within the first bytes of the Secure Data discipline, and likely.
If automatic safety thru the GSS software is carried out with a community dongle, a particular push-button makes it viable to associate a code with every program. This code will be used to trace the range of licenses for which the program is enabled, and any issue to the quantity of program executions (see bankruptcy 6).

MAP guide protection
Open/User Number mode

As it is easy to protect numerous applications, as regards the Open and User Number commands simplest, you must specify which software is being referred to (program diagnosed with the aid of a number from 1 to 116). To this end, at some stage in the transfer of parameters referring to every of the two commands, the DATA field of the applicable information structure have to be initialised as

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