Rockey Dongle Emulator Clone Crack

Rockey Dongle Emulator Clone Crack Backup

Being an business chief and innovator in the industry of infotech safety packages and gadgets, the carrier company of ROCKEY, software program protection carrier.

Offers thousands and thousands of ROCKEY objects to the marketplace, and is presently the main business enterprise of software program utility protection dongle to Chinese marketplace.

With a sturdy technical institution of hundred builders and aid engineers, We offers pinnacle-rating ROCKEY services and products to its important customers.

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Feitan Rockey Dongle Models.


  • Powerful CPU + Secure momory + User define Algorithms = Secure Program Calculator
  • 2 levels 4×16-bit Password System
  • Globally Unique Hardware ID
  • Fully support IEEE1284 for maximum LPT compatibility applications
  • Protect upto 16 software modules with a single dongles
  • Built-in 24 bytes User Data Zone
  • 32 User Definable Algorithms
  • Support upto 16 ROCKEY4 dongles on the same PC
  • Low level encryption to prevent Emulation and Play Back Hacking
  • Time Watch Dog prevents Tracing Attack
  • Password Protect System prevents Brute-Force Attack
  • Ready tool include Enveloper, Editor, Data Recorder and Remote Update

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