I am thoroughly thrilled with the carrier that I’ve acquired. I will
endorse them to every person that desires dongle help. Thank you for

Matt M.

Great response and service from Bill and his group. Got our software program up and
running on x64 system, and with no hassle. Payment process turned into easy, and
Murat’s communication reassured management that there has been not anything shady
taking place. Shame that legitimate organizations should find workarounds for
their very own software program… Thanks, Backupdongle.Com !

Chris M.

Firs of all , very thrilling,usefull,pratic,echonomic solvetion of dongle
problem. If you’ve got a dongle please call Murat. I name magic Murat. It is
smooth manner to remedy the dongle backup program.It is running.
Absolutely running. Try it. Very comfy software. Please strive it. You
Thanks Murat , Thanks crew.

Charles D.

Another awesome process become achieved by using Backup dongle this time. The cloud service
is awesome. We had been no longer restrained by means of our network surroundings. Simply
Amazing. Thank you men.

James P.
United Kingdom

Worked perfectly. We were shifting our software to a portable windows pill
and feared the dongle could get broken from protruding the side. This
removed the worry of it getting broken, misplaced or stolen.
Great carrier and conversation.

Larry S

We now not need to fear our dongle breaking or getting misplaced. Murat is a
gents and expert. I pretty endorse this service and will use
Thank you Murat

Sandra B

This is a super product! We constantly involved about losing our authentic
USB hardware dongle in that we proportion it amongst numerous personnel.
Needless to say if we lost it or some how damaged the dongle, we would be
in a world of harm.
This emulator turned into not most effective easy to install, but works as marketed.
Customer assist became also great and spark off.
I relatively recommend this application.

Stephan E.

Backupdongle.Com has high-quality carrier, and the product always work brilliant,
Murat thank you for all you assist

Andrew L

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