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Gemalto Sentinel HL Dongle Emulator Clone Crack

Sentinel HASP HL is now Sentinel HL.

Gemalto Sentinel HL Dongle Emulator Clone Crack functions precise Cross-Locking technology and is the handiest software program licensing answer in the marketplace to provide hardware- (USB dongles) and software program-primarily based protection and relaxed software licensing in a unmarried answer with one set of tools. Sentinel LDK functions a selection of hardware- and software program-based protection keys that permit carriers to pick the correct enforcement degree based on commercial enterprise desires.

About the Sentinel HL Platform

The Sentinel HL hardware-based totally protection platform is the latest addition to our strong portfolio of products and services. The new Sentinel HL keys are provided in a new modern-day design while retaining complete backwards compatibility together with your current Sentinel HASP HL, Hardlock and Sentinel SuperPro implementations. Additionally, they let you take full gain of forward compatibility with our subsequent era software program licensing answer.

Protection Key RAM ROM Max. Features Dimensions (in mm)
Sentinel HL Basic
n/a n/a n/a 40.5x16x8
Sentinel HL Pro
112Bytes 112Bytes 11-39 (depending on license complexity) 40.5x16x8
Sentinel HL Max
4KB 2KB 240-2160 (depending on license complexity) 40.5x16x8
Sentinel HL Max (Micro form factor)
4KB 2KB 240-2160 (depending on license complexity) 18×12.2×4.5
Sentinel HL Time
4KB 2KB 240-2160 (depending on license complexity) 52x16x8
Sentinel HL Net
4KB 2KB 240-2160 (depending on license complexity) 40.5x16x8
Sentinel HL NetTime
4KB 2KB 240-2160 (depending on license complexity) 52x16x8




Instant Access to Future Innovation – Forward compatibility with Sentinel LDK, Gemalto’s next-generation licensing solution allowing you to absolutely leverage your present Sentinel HASP HL, Hardlock or Sentinel SuperPro implementation today and effortlessly upgrade to Sentinel LDK to leverage new security.

Flexibility, records series features when you are equipped without having to replace in-the-discipline keys. The strength of SmartCard era – All Sentinel HL hardware-based safety keys rent a incredibly comfortable SmartCard chip offering the maximum safety in opposition to malicious hardware attacks consisting of Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and electron microscopy.

Superior Performance and Memory Management – Sentinel HL hardware safety keys permit software program vendors to correctly control and allocate key memory as according to their precise desires.
Unparalleled Binding Between Key and Application.

Sentinel HL AppOnChip function facilitates inseparable binding between Sentinel HL key and the application via executing segments of code on the token itself. Driverless Configuration – Sentinel HL driverless configuration eliminates the need for installing tool drivers on end user machines.

Secured Time-Based Licensing – Sentinel HL driverless keys are ready with Sentinel V-Clock within the key reminiscence which prevents time tampering without on-board battery for Real Time Clock.
Physical Dimensions – Featuring 12 characteristic-wealthy alternatives.

The Sentinel HL own family of keys boasts the company’s widest form of form  elements all housed in contemporary newly designed casing. The Sentinel HL own family of keys functions the same physical dimensions because the Sentinel HASP HL circle of relatives of keys

Gemalto Sentinel HL Dongle Emulator Clone Crack Backup Instructions


1- Need your software ( Program ) Setup. You can upload any uploader web page ( etc.. ) or if you have FTP .. ( This is IMPORTAND ) after the upload send me link with order form or send via mail

2- Need Usbtrace Log on your dongle can download from here. DOWNLOAD USBTRACE LOG SOFTWARE


  • Unpack a folder SentinelHLDumper.rar
  • Run SentinelHLDumper.exe
  • Click DUMP
  • will create same dump files ( 00_xxxx folder ) make zip it and send me mail.


Note Rar password is :